Dedicated to the care of breast cancer and all breast conditions
Dr Sarah Rayne is no longer practising in
Johannesburg and this practice is closed.

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I’ve just been diagnosed with breast cancer- help!
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I’ve noticed a lump in my breast
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I have breast pain               
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I need advice about breastfeeding
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What is Breast Cancer?  
Cancer is caused by cells that have been damage or mutated and have stopped behaving normally. Instead they grow and divide again and again eventually forming a mass of cells called a tumour. Cancer cells don’t just stay where they started however, they have the ability to spread through the body to other places and start growing there. In most cancers, especially breast cancer, it is this spreading of cells that is so dangerous.

In South Africa, breast cancer is the most common women’s cancer and one of the two leading reasons why women die of cancer (the other is cervical cancer).