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Fertility and breast cancer  
Some women develop breast cancer at a younger age, before they have started or feel they have completed their family. Bearing in mind how your fertility and ability to have children will be affected by your breast cancer treatment or after your treatment is an important thing to consider right at the start of your pathway, so you can make the right decisions for you.
Options available
Pregnancy after breast cancer
Topics to discuss about fertility after cancer
Options available
There are a number of options available for you to consider and this is an area with lots of research being carried out to improve those choices in the future. Make fertility a topic to discuss before you embark on treatment and if necessary you can be referred to a fertility specialist who will work with you to find the best and most realistic option for you.
Pregnancy after breast cancer
You might be concerned that falling pregnant after breast cancer treatment can increase the risk of your cancer coming back especially if your cancer responds to oestrogen. In fact studies show that this is not the case, but you should take time to discuss the decision to become pregnant with your team early. There are current international studies researching women becoming pregnant after breast cancer. The right time to consider pregnancy depends on the stage of cancer and its personality especially if it is hormone-receptor positive. At the moment it is advisable to wait at least two years after treatment.
Topics to discuss about fertility after cancer
Do you feel you have completed your family?
How will this treatment affect fertility either temporarily or permanently?
What options are available to preserve my ability to have a family?
When will it be safe to attempt to fall pregnant?