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Breast Implants  
Breast implants are placed by Plastic (cosmetic) surgeons, not breast surgeons, but here are a few things to think about.

There are many reasons why a woman will consider a breast augmentation or "boob job". Most often, women simply want larger breasts for their own body image satisfaction,or to correct the symmetry of her breastsand after breastfeeding mothers may want to replace lost volume. Each patient's motivation for having a breast augmentation is different and, as such, that each person should be treated as an individual.

Many excellent plastic surgeons offer breast implant surgery, usually as a day case, and there is a low risk of initial complication with an experienced surgeon. If you meet with a plastic surgeon about this procedure remember to discuss a number of technicalities with them, and don’t feel rushed. Often it is a good idea to have a couple of meetings before deciding on a procedure so you feel confident of your procedure, and your surgeon. Trustworthy surgeons will not push you into procedures before you are ready, and experience, reliability and excellence can be more expensive.

Some things to discuss are:
  • The size and shape of implant
  • The placement of the implant and incision scar
  • The best option for your body shape and breast shape
  • Longevity of the implants (their lifetime)
  • Possible complications immediately
  • Possible complications over the lifetime of the implants
  • Lifetime risk of reoperation or other possible financial outlay
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