Dedicated to the care of breast cancer and all breast conditions
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Parklane Hospital Women’s Wellness Centre
Waterfall Hospital (North): Rooms 210, South Block
Welcome to Dr Sarah Rayne Breast Care  
Providing care in breast cancer and all breast problems in Johannesburg and South Africa.
Noticing a problem with your breast can be stressful for any woman. You may have been diagnosed with breast cancer recently, or have noticed a lump or pain and are worried about what it may be. Perhaps you are breastfeeding and having problems despite perseverance and support.

If you have any breast-related problem we hope you find the information you need here or by making an appointment to see Dr Rayne. Because breast issues can be worrying, Dr Rayne believes in seeing people within 24- 48 hours in most circumstances or at your convenience, so you can be reassured or treated as soon as possible.