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I’ve just been diagnosed with breast cancer- help!
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I’ve noticed a lump in my breast
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I have breast pain               
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I need advice about breastfeeding
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Managing medical finances  
A diagnosis of cancer can be one of the most stressful experiences of life.

In addition to the worries over survival and treatment, many people find that they have additional concerns over the cost of medical treatment. Many people find that they have let medical aid run out, or are not covered in a way they thought they were.

In South Africa, 80% of patients are managed within the government health service, and 20% have medical insurance that means they can be treated in private hospitals. If you do not have a medical aid get information here [government] about having treatment in government hospital.

All medical aids, even hospital plans, have to provide some cancer cover. This will include in-patient care but may also include specialist fees, chemotherapy and cover for radiation and medications. The amount and type of treatments covered tends to depend on the medical aid plan that thatyou are on, and it may require registration for a cancer scheme after diagnosis. It is important that you do this as soon as possible and make sure the medical aid are clear with you about what is covered.

If you decide this is a time that you wish to start contributing towards a medical aid. In most circumstances medical aids are not allowed to refuse to cover you for a pre-existing condition including a diagnosed cancer but they may impose a waiting period from 3 months to one year where they will not cover you. You should not delay cancer treatment during this timeframe.

Always mention these conditions to the medical aid so that you get access to the appropriate care and do not disqualify yourself with non-disclosure.

Many companies encourage good health by funding screening mammography and Pap smears even to patients without day-to-day benefits.